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My profile has been removed from the Nuwber website. I did the opt out and it said it was successfully removed. However, I searched for my name on Google and the Nuwber listing with my full name, address, and phone number still shows in the Google search listing. Mind you that this is months later and they said it should take a few days for Google to recrawl. I've submitted several removal requests to Google. It said it has been removed but it... Read more

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I was googling my address and came accross Nuwber site that had all kinds of personal information. I tried to remove personal information from Nuwber via their site links. Both attempts failed. Flood the Attorney General offices with complaints about this company. I filed a consumer complaint with Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General in order to fight identity theft and to register the violation of privacy laws. I contacted the support... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 21
  • #959323

Tried numerous times to remove my data. It does not work.I have sent email requests to receive no help.My phone address home location birthday Always shows in search.I don't know what to do.Too many questionable characters out there and I am concetned for my safety.

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I have tried multiple times to remove my info from this site. It violates federal law and I am about to get a lawyer involved. I am on the federal do not call list and the links provided to remove this illegal privacy invading material are phony. This website is dangerous and violates legal statures in the US. This is a scam company that exists to exploit innocent people. We must continue to record information on this site to document the legal... Read more

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This company is not listening to the requests of numerous emails to take down information. I've followed their opt out directions and they send you an invalid link it's a complete waste of time and scam! When will the people stand up and file a lawsuit ? This company does not respond to it's user's request and is a full on scam selling your personal information to others. We need to stand up for our privacy rights and not let this fake company... Read more

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I was checking my property's information on the internet when shockingly I discovered my full name, address, phone number, and even age were listed by this internet site: Nuwber. I'd never heard of Nuwber until now. And though they allow people to have their personal information deleted it is still an invasion of one's privacy. Because if one doesn't search the internet looking for one's info. one will never realize Nuwber has it all posted... Read more

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Wow, this site is breaking all the rules that exist to protect our privacy. 2 listings were available for my name, as I have lived in two different townships. One was removed without issue, however, the second will not remove. I receive a 404 page error, but my listing is still there. I have emailed all available email addresses, and receive no response. This site is required to, by law, remove information upon receiving request from individual... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 15
  • #937003

Seems to be an illegal website that mines your information and has no actual way to remove it and when you try to they just use your information from the attempt they should be shut down and held accountable and sent to jail

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Is this a new site? I googled my home address for selling purposes and I find this website with ALL of my information listed. It's also on the first page of results so it's not like you even have to look that hard to find it. There's actually a picture of my house, for the stalker who can't read. I just contacted Nuwber and asked them to remove my info however after reading the reviews, it seems like that might have been pointless. This is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 08
  • #933412

Not aceptable. Its an invasion of privacy.

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