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A google search of my name revealed that a website called Nuwber had released my full cell phone number, as well as a bunch of other information. While the other information (places I have lived etc.) could have conceivably been found in the public record, my cell phone number has never been listed. A google search of my cell phone number reveals that Nuwber is the only company currently who can link my name to my number. I would love to know how they did it.

The company has gone to some lengths to disguise its ownership and location. The only way to contact them is through either a form on their website, or this email: hi@nuwber.com. Both emails seem to direct to the same location. I know this because I have contacted the site a number of times in an attempt to get my number removed. At the bottom of the page is a "Remove from Directory" link. I have also used this method 8 or 10 times. While I received an initial email offering to remove my listed information if I provided them with additional information, no further contact was made, and all efforts resulted in inaction. I finally created the account they were so desperate for me to create, using a Blur address, and requested, once again, that I be removed from their system. This time I received an email back saying that it will happen in 10 days. We will see.

Here's an interesting aside: When you go to the Nuwber website and try to remove your information, you are shown an advertisement for a company called "OneRep," which offers to remove all information for you. I didn't follow through with OneRep, but I would not be suprised to discover that in order to obtain their services they would require a credit card and additional personal information. OneRep is equally squirrely about where they are located, or the corporate entity behind them. If you do some research into the IP address affiliated with Nuwber, you learn that it is affiliated with a location in Quebec, and possibly in Pasadena. If you do some research into the IP address affiliated with OneRep, you similarly discover that it is affiliated with a location in Quebec, and possibly in Pasadena. Perhaps Quebec is a hotspot for data mining, and protection from data miners. Or perhaps Nuwber and OneRep have some sort of symbiotic relationship, whereby Nuwber mines your data, and OneRep offers to take your money to remove your data. I don't know. I do know that a call to a rep at Abine.com, a reputable privacy company with a known address and telephone number, revealed that (1) Abine is under the impression that Nuwber is in Canada, and (2) Abine is under the impression that Nuwber won't allow third parties to remove information (you, the individual, must contact them yourself).

Make of all that what you will.

I didn't like: Data mining privacy invasion, Privacy issue.

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Hi there- I am having the same problem. What do you suggest I do?

I got as far as "enter your email address" on the onerep website and then decided not to and google this website and found your review- thank you! But what should I do?


Invasive and suspicious. Why is Numbers circumventing the laws of privacy?

Has anyone reported them and the other “ company to their respective State Attorney General; Federal Trade Commission; and started class action lawsuit? Hmmm....was just thinking how did they get a private cellphone number....Include the phone carrier in the lawsuit as well.


I think what most people here don't realise the difference between personal information and private.Personally Identifiable Information is information that, when used alone or with other relevant data, can identify an individual. It includes full name, address, phone number, zip code, DOB, gender, etc.

All these records are publicly available. Sites like Nuwber.com got these records from different directories, government records and social networks. And here in the USA it's totally legal. We don't have any laws that would ban background check websites from collecting and sharing our records.

What is more, last year Congress voted against internet privacy rules adopted during the Obama presidency, so companies will continue tracking, monitoring and selling customer information without their permission.If you think you can do a class action lawsuit, I'm afraid you'll just waste your time. And meanwhile your records will be everywhere.I tried to find the best online privacy service. There are not many of them. There is a site called ReputationDefender.

For $99 they remove data only from 7 websites. Then we have Abine, which was mentioned by the author, they delete records from 25 sites and ask $129. No thanks. There is Safe Shepherd.

They don't even mention the number of websites they remove from, but ask $95 for an annual plan. And now we have OneRep, which removes data from 53 websites for $15 a month. I was curious and payed $15. Just in one month they managed to remove my personal information from 28 sites considering that some of the websites contained fake info or had several profiles.

I don't think that such companies as Spokeo, Radaris, White Pages belong to OneRep, though my data was removed from them as well.I also think that OneRep just place ad banners on Nuwber.com. They have different owners and are registered in different countries. (this is what I've learned from whois.com)Nuwber.com is located in Alexandria, VA, USA.

I just opened their contact page.OneRep is located in Europe.So, the author of the complaint has incorrect information about the location of these two companies. Also he or she has never tried OneRep as a service so I will recommend not to trust this review.


It's easy to opt out of Nuwber but OneRep is an unethical company. When you search for your information they use the very information you enter to show your information on a number of other sites.

I tested this by entering a false age and location, and that showed up as if it was on 21 other sites.

(But I already removed my information from every one of the sites they listed) Then they try to get you to pay for a removal service. I don't think so!


one would think there would be a way to legally pursue these scammers? I can't remember ever publicly posting any of my personal information, so, I am actively seeking Newber and Onerep to deliver a much needed smack down

Santa Barbara, California, United States #1323317

Onerep.com is a total scam! I am having the worst time trying to delete my info on their site without paying and giving them more info.

Weatherly, Pennsylvania, United States #1322871

Alena Reed ... white haven pa. alena8419@aol.com


I have had the same problem with this company. They took my information and posted all over the internet. they do not respond to any of my emails and there is no phone number to contact them.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1199428

A lot of people here don't realize that a lot of states in the United States have laws that allow entities to query information from government/state owned companies. So if you have a account with a local regionally owned electricity company, any individual can request all the data they have, including social security.

99% of the time the person that fulfills these request takes some discretion and only provides partial information in an attempt to hide your identity, but the truth is that if the person requesting is persistent enough, the companies are legally required to hand over the information. A lot of times the holes happen when an internal employee of those companies leaks those information for $$.


Dear Nuwber User,

Thank you for your message. We apologize for your negative experience and can assure you we are more than willing to assist with the removal of your private information.

Due to the number of ways we source our data, sometimes exceptions may occur. We are doing our best to find and fix it. Unfortunately we were unable to locate your request with us because there are a large number of incoming requests.

Please contact our support team at customercare@nuwber.com or using our contact form at https://nuwber.com/contact with reference to your review and We will be happy to assist you.


Nuwber Team

to Nuwber Auburn, California, United States #1257105

Please take the header off you guys said you would *** my info but the header is still there. I need this taken off completely for IMPORTANT PRIVACY REASONS!!! PLEASE ASAP

link below (REMOVE ASAP)

{{REDACTED}} ...


Name: {{REDACTED}} and more information.

to Anonymous #1441774

Ok, so you want to remove your private data from Nuwber.com, but wrote here your full name, address, phone number...Are you crazy, Anonymous aka Jessica Swedelius? You've just shared your personal data with the whole Internet.

After that you are going to blame bad Nuwber.com or OneRep or whatever to expose your private data? Ridiculous.

Milledgeville, Georgia, United States #1186338

I have the same experience. Where the *** they get my information?

I've never signed up to either one of those websites. What did you do to totally remove your personal info in google search engine?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



New York, United States #1185029

Same. This company, Nuwber listed my cell number, home address, picture of my home - with a map that shows exactly where it is, age, previous addresses, family members, etc.

I have tried numerous times to "opt-out" but it is impossible.

The only response is automated email with a link that brings you back to the original page. Due to my line of work, this puts me in a very perilous situation.


I'm in the exact same position, except that I feel my life is in danger because of my whole private information (cell number) and address is so easily assessable to crazy people trying to hurt you. I've taken all the steps you've mentioned above, and still my information is out there.

If anyone is willing to do a class action lawsuit, I am all in. I want to crush these scammers.

to Anonymous #1255382

I am willing to also join in the lawsuit...just let me know

to DD #1400610

I am also willing and ready to join in the lawsuit. This is so wrong yet it continues and I am sure will only get worse.

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